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Liam. 18. Art, music, drumming, traveling, nature, the ocean. Jewish. Central New York.

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Note to self:

Girls hate you so stop trying so hard

wonderful day of cliffjumping and old friends and nothing could ruin it…until I came home to my dad having a terrible pissed mood and lashing out about how much the tables have turned and how he now hates my brother. when does this shit end? like I said before, for both of them, at what point do you just get fed up with feeling so uncomfortable and bad all the time?

At this point, I’m definitely never going to have sex again and probably never even have another girlfriend. Time to pack it in, just enjoy the other things about college, and get a dog when I’m older is what it’s looking like it’s gonna have to come down to.

Looking to study abroad in Melbourne through UMiami this spring. Want this so god damn bad.